Not for Sale

DOB 7-21-03
White w/Brindle Ear
40 pounds & 17 inches tall

Very sweet boy, he needs lots of TLC.  We picked him up in Springfield Missouri on 8-9-2011.

Had him to the vet right away, he had fleas, bites all over his body & needed 8 teeth pulled (already had some missing)!  We are working on house training and improving his skin & coat.  Since his teeth where so bad he had trouble eating, so he is a bit under weight.  His brindle ear is torn (old wound - before we took him in) and was never repaired.

The vet clinic said he was one of the sweetest dogs they have ever worked on and let him follow them all around the clinic the day he was there.

He is improving already! He is going to be a VERY nice dog!