Stud Dog : Chammp

Price of stud service $450

a) Upon the signing of this agreement I do hereby swear that I am the owner of this bitch and have legal right to breed her.

b) I attest that this bitch is at least 12 months of age and less than 8 years of age at the time breeding takes place.

c.) I attest that I have the bitch's best welfare at interest and that I am able and capable of caring for this bitch if in whelp and for her litter. I will provide all necessities, including veterinary care, adequate feed, water, and shelter for the dam and puppies.

a) The owner of the bitch agrees to pay the stud dog owner (Skinner's Bull Terrier's) a stud fee of $450 for services performed by the above mentioned male.

b) A deposit of $250 will be due at the time of natural mating. The remainder of the stud fee ( $200) will be due by the litter's 2nd week of age.

c) The stud dog owner (Skinner's Bull Terrier's) is not obligated to sign the litter registration papers on the litter until the stud fee of $450 has been paid in full; it shall be their option whether or not to do so before the stud fee is paid.

a) If 2 puppies are born, this constitutes a litter. However, if only one puppy is born the stud dog owner (Skinner's Bull Terrier's) shall settle for $250 stud fee.

b) The breeder understands it is their responsibility to ensure that all offspring resulting from this breeding is fully wormed and innoculated and should have complete veterinary exam before placement.

c) If bitch fails to be in whelp (pregnancy), the bitch owner must give notice not later than seventy (70) days after
mating. Non pregnancy must be confirmed by a vet, and proof supplied to Skinner's Bull Terrier's.

d) Bitch owner will be refunded $100 by Skinner's Bull Terrier's OR a return stud service will be given at next heat if you so choose instead of getting the refund.

a) The owner of the bitch hereby agrees to pay all expenses incurred for the purpose of this breeding at the time in which they are incurred. Including, but not limited to, all veterinary costs.

a) The bitch owner does hereby agree and make absolute promise that they will not transfer ownership, in any way, of any puppy resulting from this breeding to any person or organization whose intent is to resell, trade, or give away the puppy; or to use it in any laboratory experiments.

b) The bitch owner further agrees and does make absolute promise that they will not knowingly sell, trade, or give away a puppy resulting from this breeding to a known puppy mill or person whose sole intent is to breed and produce litters from the dog. But the puppies resulting from this breeding shall be placed into loving family homes who will care for the health and well~being of the puppy.

a) The bitch owner (being the Breeder) agrees to keep track of every puppy from this litter and periodically check on the welfare of the dog.

b) The breeder also agrees to make known to the Stud dog owner (Skinner's Bull Terrier's) where pups are placed and with whom for the stud dog owner's purpose of seeing what their stud has produced.

a) The breeder (being the bitch owner) agrees to be responsible for the offspring of this breeding and further agrees to take back puppies and place them or assist in placing them if the owner/s can no longer keep them. Bitch owner agrees, in no case, will they knowingly allow the puppies/dogs resulting from this breeding be allowed to be placed into a shelter or pound.

b) The stud dog owner (Skinner's Bull Terrier's) agrees to help in the placement of these puppies should the breeder not be able to do so.

c) The stud dog owner  (Skinner's Bull Terrier's) further agrees to assist the breeder in the replacement of any offspring resulting from this breeding in the event that the owner can no longer keep the dog; or to take responsibility for the placement of the dog should the breeder be unable to do so.

a) Should the bitch owner fail to comply with the terms of this agreement, upon court awarding decision of "breach of contract", they agree to pay the stud owner $5000.00 (five thousand dollars) in liquidated damages for damages to the owner's kennel name and reputation. Also for time, trouble, mental duress and damage to the dog's reputation. 

I/We the undersigned, have thoroughly read and understand the contents of the entirety of this agreement and acknowledge this to be a true and binding contract. By the signing of this contract, I/We, do hereby agree and make absolute promise to abide by it's terms and conditions.

As English Bull Terrier breeders dedicated to the breed we recognize our responsibility to breed only the best specimens to compliment the betterment of the breed.





Bitch owner's (Breeder) Signatures:

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Stud Dog Owner's (Skinner's Bull Terrier's) Signature:

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